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Our team has an ongoing internal huddle throughout the year: a team meeting where we share the most disruptive and exciting startups and emerging technologies from around the world. The only rule is that they can’t solve a current client challenge directly. This way, we retain our superpower of spotting creative adjacencies and disruptive outer-horizon solutions.

While we are always looking for diverse representation in the Ventures we're watching and the startups we source for our clients, this February, in celebration of Black History Month we focused on sharing the most disruptive and exciting startups and emerging tech companies led by Black Founders. Below we highlight a short list of these startups, that are tackling everything from customer service automation, to circular economy, agriculture and energy use.

Check out the Ventures we're watching below! 

  • Forethought is a leading generative AI 🤖 company providing customer service automation that helps support teams maximize efficiency and 📲 productivity, resolving common cases instantly, predicting ✏️ and prioritizing cases, and assisting agents with relevant 💭 knowledge—all from one platform.
  • Rheaply is a B2B SaaS resource 📝 management technology to scale reuse ♻️ and the circular economy within organizations, helping lower procurement and storage 📥 costs and reduce 🧺 waste.
  • Re-Nuble is an MWBE-certified, for-profit social enterprise and agricultural 🌿 technology company that uses organic ♻️ cycling science™ technology to transform unrecoverable vegetative 🥦 food byproducts into a platform of sustainable 🍃 technologies for soilless farming.
  • JéGO is democratizing access to the future of Energy by creating simplified e-mobility products.


Huddle Up With Us Around Innovation 

We do this to ensure we are always exploring new and innovative solutions to today's most pressing challenges. Of course, for client work, every startup is deep-vetted and selected to solve for the KPIs that drive impact.

If you have 20 minutes, we would love to discuss how startups can solve your current business challenges in new ways and how VF can be your secret weapon. Book a time with us here.


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