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Our team has an ongoing internal huddle throughout the year: a team meeting where we share the most disruptive and exciting startups and emerging technologies from around the world. The only rule is that they can’t solve a current client challenge directly. This way, we retain our superpower of spotting creative adjacencies and disruptive outer-horizon solutions.

Below, we share a selection of startups and technologies focusing on sustainability and environmentalism.

  • Pela invented the world's first ♻️ compostable phone πŸ“± case, and continues to create high-quality, planet-friendly 🌍 products such as watch ⌚ straps and AirPod cases.
  • FREDsense builds field kits that make water πŸ«— quality analysis faster, πŸ’° cheaper, and more efficient βœ”οΈ than ever before.
  • Modgarden's tinyFarm 🌾 is a modular organic vegetable πŸ₯¬ growing appliance designed particularly for the urban 🌴 dweller.
  • GoGo Refill is on a mission 😎 to help people find the joy in low-waste ♻️ living. They stock beautifully durable, delightfully βœ”οΈ effective products and bulk home essentials πŸ’‘ consciously curated to lessen the need for πŸƒ harmful single use plastics.
  • AMP Robotics πŸ€– is modernizing and scaling the world’s recycling ♻️ infrastructure by applying AI and automation to increase πŸ“ˆ recycling rates and economically πŸͺ΄ recover recyclables reclaimed as raw materials for the global 🌍 supply chain.


Huddle Up With Us Around Innovation 

We do this to ensure we are always exploring new and innovative solutions to today's most pressing challenges. Of course, for client work, every startup is deep-vetted and selected to solve for the KPIs that drive impact.

If you have 20 minutes, we would love to discuss how startups can solve your current business challenges in new ways and how VF can be your secret weapon. Book a time with us here.


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