How to get startups and corporates to fit together

Bringing together two parties is hardly ever seamless – each has their own ways of thinking and doing things, and compatibility (or lack thereof) can come in many forms.

Fred Schonenberg is the founder of VentureFuel, a New York-based advisory firm focused on bringing together startups and large organisations, mainly corporates including the likes of Coca-Cola, ABInBev, The Hershey Company, Comcast and more, to efficiently create commercial partnerships between them.

We spoke about how best to navigate cultural changes between startups and corporates (and where those differences tend to break down collaborations), the infectiousness of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and the recipe for creating a culture of open innovation.

Fred also talks me through some examples of where collaboration has worked really well, where the difference is most pronounced between the theoretical and the practical in the context of corporate innovation and much more.


Originally published at CVC Unplugged.

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