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CES Diamonds in the Sand

CES over-indexes on noise. Most lean into consumer gimmickry: smart toilets, transparent televisions, ai-enabled dog collars. But there are enterprise relevant signals hidden in the corners of Eureka Park and hotel suites, where you can find diamonds of what’s next. Here are a few highlights I thought you would enjoy:

AI Gets Personal, Which Needs Defending

Anoki is co-creating the future of tv advertising using Gen AI to deliver customized creative across OTT/Streaming. This is not simply making changes to text or other rudimentary dynamic optimization but rather iterating on creative (the sport team jerseys change based on your loyalty, the car changes color based on your preference, or the car itself changes based upon your predisposition).
Channel 1 is rolling out “the world’s first ai powered news network” where your news is customized based on your pollical preferences, leanings, geography – think social network on steroids but for news (hello echo-chamber).
Reality Defender is here to protect us by detecting deep-fakes and the authentication challenges AI has made easy. Exhilarating and Frightening.

Nature Based Solutions (Biomimicry Becomes Biomonitoring)

MolluScan is using connected sentinel oysters to monitor water quality. Biomonitoring is the use of living things to measure effects on the environment.
MossLab is utilizing the natural purifies and humidifier capabilities of moss to improve our air quality.
Retarch has figured out a way to make a renewable starch alternative to plastic – which is the first good news for carbohydrates since the keto craze. Nature continues to inspire new solutions.

Co-Bots Robots are here to help, right?

Moonwalker – innovative robotic shoes to help optimize warehouse worker time (also just a fun, fun video to watch).
RobBox is a next generation measuring, leveling, and detection capability tool. I get excited thinking how this applies to the enterprise-built-environment space in other tools and applications.
Glidance is a groundbreaking leap in assistive technology as the first self-guided mobility aid designed to help individuals with sight loss navigate (thanks friends at MassRobotics for this lead).

Best Big Company Showing

Hyundai. Their electric excavator was a show-stopping display that I sent to multiple clients as well as to my 4-year-old son (the ultimate decision maker).

A few more...

Powdered beer is an awesome concept, reminiscent of a startup we showcased to a number of clients a few years back called smart cups, “the world’s first printed beverage.” I love the idea of removing water from shipping weights for environmental reasons and because it could create some really cool retail experiences as well as novel packaging opportunities.
If you REALLY want to know about smart toilets these four surround the bowl:
  1. Otea
  2. Flush
  3. PureWash® E930
  4. Looie
Hope you enjoyed, as always here to help.


Top Image: Hyundai Electric Excavator. Photo by Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas (all rights reserved).
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