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Commercializing Emerging Tech — Yale Venture's Claudia Reuter

Commercializing Emerging Tech — Yale Venture's Claudia Reuter

This week’s VentureFuel Visionary is Claudia Reuter, Director of the Roberts Innovation Fund at Yale Ventures. She is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and board member with extensive experience building, starting, scaling, and commercializing new ventures. The Roberts Innovation Fund was launched in 2022 to provide funding, mentoring, and strategic support for Yale faculty-led projects to assist in the commercialization of inventions.

In the episode, we discuss the commercialization of emerging technologies within a large organization. Claudia also shares her insights on navigating intrapreneurship and the various models for commercializing innovation. We also discuss the Yale Innovation Summit, Venture Studios, Women GPs, and the best path to Startup and Scaleup emerging technologies.



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