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Shell and The Open Exploration of Energy – Studio X CEO Jeff Allyn

“Fundamentally, If you look at large legacy companies, and I don't mean just in oil and gas, i mean in every industry, any company that's been there for more than 50, 70 years has so many systems on top of systems where, rebuilding from the ground up to create innovation is very difficult. We play a critical role in helping add more 'plug-in' innovation, along the way.

– Jeff Allyn, CEO of Studio X

This week’s VentureFuel Visionary is Jeff Allyn, CEO of Studio X. It is a first-of-its-kind open innovation studio powered by Shell that brings a collaborative approach to reimagine energy exploration and break down the silos of traditional R&D — they call it “open exploration.”

In this episode, we talk about their new model and how it is accelerating the pace of innovation in climate tech and the transformation of the energy industry. Catch our conversation as we delve into the aspects of the model's capabilities and its potential to revolutionize the way people address environmental challenges.


VentureFuel builds and accelerates innovation programs for industry leaders by helping them unlock the power of External Innovation via startup collaborations. 

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