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Advocacy, Access, & Acceleration with Charlotte Newman and Aina Fadina

Advocacy, Access, & Acceleration with Charlotte Newman and Aina Fadina

This week's VentureFuel Visionary features Charlotte Newman, Global Head of underrepresented founder and investor startup business development. She is a global business development leader for Amazon Web Services and a former entrepreneur who leads the AWS startup strategy to engage and accelerate underrepresented founders and investors.

The fireside chat had a theme of Advocacy, Access, and Acceleration and was moderated by Rogue Women fellow Aina Fadina. They talked about how AWS is reshaping the innovation ecosystem by providing founders with the resources and networks needed to succeed.

Originally recorded at our 2024 Rogue Women event earlier this spring, this episode highlights the crucial role of diverse voices in driving innovation and economic growth.



VentureFuel builds and accelerates innovation programs for industry leaders by helping them unlock the power of External Innovation via startup collaborations. 

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