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From Setback To Success

From Setback to Success

This week's VentureFuel Visionary features a discussion led by Fred Schonenberg, VentureFuel’s Founder and CEO, with Yael Averbuch West, the General Manager and Head of Soccer Operations, and Nan Vogel, Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Game Day at Gotham FC.

Originally recorded at our 2024 Rogue Women event earlier this spring, this episode dives into the heart of Gotham FC’s remarkable comeback story. Hear how a mix of resilience, strategic foresight, and unwavering determination helped them pivot from enduring one of the league's toughest seasons to securing their inaugural NWSL championship.



VentureFuel builds and accelerates innovation programs for industry leaders by helping them unlock the power of External Innovation via startup collaborations. 

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