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Disrupting with Impact – DisPact Ventures Founder Andrew Merinoff

“Raising money isn't difficult; raising strategic money is very difficult. And so why not find strategic cash in every venture we go through and really tailor it to them.

– Andrew Merinoff, Founder of DisPact Ventures

Meet VentureFuel Visionary Andrew Merinoff, Founder of DisPact Ventures, which is disrupting industries with impact investing. What started off as a small fund to assist his close friends and confidants eventually grew into a 16-venture portfolio. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and CEO of Chinola Liqueur. With a passion for building companies, particularly in the Wine & Spirits space, Andrew has made a mark through innovation.

In this episode, we talk about SPVs, impact investing, the future of wine and spirits, and innovating in traditional, established industries.


VentureFuel builds and accelerates innovation programs for industry leaders by helping them unlock the power of External Innovation via startup collaborations. 

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