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Visualizing Business — The Microsoft Garage Director Mike Pell

Visualizing Business — The Microsoft Garage Director Mike Pell

This week’s VentureFuel Visionary is Mike Pell, Director of The Microsoft Garage. He is a disruptor, founder, and envisioneer who currently leads The Microsoft Garage in New York City, the company's worldwide program. He also invented PDF and Acrobat at Adobe and has been granted over 20 US Patents.

In the episode, we talk about why going fast is the only way to protect your business, the evolution of AI Co-Pilots, and the art of hacking. We also discuss the ROI of innovation and why you can’t sit on the sidelines as the pace of business accelerates. Lastly, we cover the Microsoft Garage Growth Framework and Mike’s new book, Visualizing Business.


VentureFuel builds and accelerates innovation programs for industry leaders by helping them unlock the power of External Innovation via startup collaborations. 

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